We help companies to

– collect unstructured web-data

– transform it into clean & structured actionable data

– by building, running and managing crawler systems and training their teams.

Market Intelligence, Competition, Price & Availability Monitoring

Scanning e-commerce websites continuously for changes in price, new listings, and availability can yield insights and big competitive gains.

Works in almost any market imaginable (we’ve built such projects for retailers, in real estate, building equipment, airlines and more)

Extracting Data for Lead Enrichment & Lead Generation

Improve your marketing efforts with data that’s available on the web, but needs extraction and structuring at a scale that cannot be done by hand.

Complex Automation - Where RPA tools fail

That’s anything that does extracting and structuring data from the web and/or automating web interaction – just contact us and we can discuss what can be done.

Typical uses are integration with or data recovery from legacy systems, technology and security scans and much more …

You Need Us For:

Complex Data

You have complex data that needs intense restructuring and cleanup

Crawling at Scale

You need scraping / crawling at scale … millions of records in short time – if anybody can do it, it is us … example: 25 mio records from a big retailer’s site every 2 days for monitoring

Highly Unstructured Data

The data is highly unstructured and requires the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Deep Learning algorithms for cleanup and restructuring

Data Integration

You need the data prepared and imported into database structures ranging from MySQL to complex Hadoop or Spark clusters

Difficult Data Extraction

The data source is difficult to extract? Others have failed already? Due to scraping protection? – We know the strongest scraping protection systems on the market and can handle them)

Unfriendly Technologies

You need us to handle sites that use massive Ajax, Javascript, ASP or other Scraping- or Crawling-unfriendly technologies? In most cases we can work around this without resorting to slow Browser emulation.

Our Services:

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         Why Choose Us?

Over 15 Years in Service

I have been active in this field for over 15 years and we are known to be responsible and dedicated professionals, delivering on time and within budget – just check out the feedback on some of our projects here .


Open Communication

You will receive project updates from us at least once a week, if necessary even daily. In the rare cases when problems come up, we will tell you openly and you’ll never see us disappear (I’m still astounded that this is a common problem in our industry)

Quality Results

Quick turnaround times and reliable, complete and accurate results ensured by using Python and the scrapy framework (that’s our strong recommendation if technology can be chosen free

Over 3000 Proxy Servers

There’s little that can stop us: captchas, throttled band width, IP banning are easily overcome using a network of 3000+ proxy servers, the tor network plus lateral thinking and experience

Data Mining Plus OCR Automation

Messy or strangely coded data is no problem as we’ll clean it using our data mining experience plus OCR automation to handle sensitive data that’s hidden in images (like prices on some auction sites or emails in some business directories)

Top Secret

If required, we’ll stay stealthy while crawling for you using our network of proxies or the infamous Tor network – as a result your crawling project won’t ring your competitions’ alarm bells and won’t give away what your plans are

What People Are Saying About Us

“This guy rocks!”

“Easy to work with… Gets the job done. Reliable and good quality”

Web Crawling of a Public Website Directory

“I’d recommend Ruediger to anyone. He is good at what he does and communicates very well.”

Scraping for Lead Database

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